Throw Rocks At Their Enemies

Every single market, or group of people with similar beliefs, have a common enemy.

Whether it’s a politician from an opposition party, a rival sports team, big business, greedy landlords, the Government, lying bankers, wall street, big pharma, the tax man or the “gurus” selling shiny objects in your niche.

Here’s how to do this:

  • First, identify the common enemy in your niche.
  • Think about who / what is holding your audience back, keeping them in their place, lying to them or giving them misinformation that hinders rather than helps them.
  • Then, “throw stones” at them.

Here’s what “throwing stones” looks like…

  • Adopt an “Us vs Them” mentality and ask your audience to pick a side (i.e. “action takers Vs dreamers” or “the small guy Vs the gurus” or “independent financial investors Vs Wall Street).

You can see one example of this in the screenshot below showing an email I sent asking my audience to decide if they were a “Cool Joe” (i.e. someone who learns the fundamentals and takes focused action on one plan for a sustained time) or a “Nervous Larry” (someone who chases shiny objects and never sticks with anything they start) to make them pick a side.

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